October 11th, 2006

50scenes - fantasy wings

Claiming a Subject


First you need to check the lists of subjects already claimed. Make sure your subject doesn't already have 5 other claims, because if it has you cannot claim it at the moment.

Television Fandom Claims List
Book/Movie Fandom Claim Lists
Games Fandom Claim Lists
Anime/Manga Fandom Claim Lists
Original Claims List
Crossover Claims List

Next make sure you've read through our Rules and Guidelines and know what is accepted in this community and what is not.

Reply to this post with your Claim.

Please put CLAIM: TYPE into your subjectline. Makes it easier to spot and recognize the replies. Example CLAIM: COMIC or CLAIM: TV SHOW

Also have the following filled in your reply:


Username: lilhobbit
Claim Fandom: Bones
Claim Subject: Temperance Brennan/Seeley Booth (your pairing, character, or general)
Prompt Table & Link: 3 & http://linkgoeshere.com

Please not that if you're making a joint claim you should also state the username of your partner in crime.

Try and refrain from using abbreviations with fandom names, because it might confuse us while sorting out the 5 claims per subject quota. Please remember to state what type of fandom your choice is, i.e. whether it's a television programme or video game in the subject. This is important especially if you're claiming a series that is presented in multiple types of media and you'd like to specify your canon source. Also give us the full names of characters you're claiming.

You are required to post your table of prompts in your own journal and reply with the direct url to your table in your application, showing the full url rather than a link.

We will respond to your claim ASAP and either accept it or decline it.

If your claim is accepted we will provide you with a custom tag and a *fandom tag that you will be using when posting your scenes. It's useful to put these down alongside your table so you don't forget them.

After all this you'll be given posting access so you can start writing and posting your scenes! ^^

Also, you can only claim up to three challenges at a time as we don't want you guys to be under too much pressure.

Point any questions to our Questions Post.

And do not leave replies to other people's claims!

As of 29th January 2008, we have changed our rules slightly. If you have not supplied us with a direct link to your table, your comment will be deleted from here and you should read the following thread: Lost Links, Late Replies for clarification.

November 24th 2008 With real life hiatus' and such, claims will take longer to process. So please be patient.

December, 2008 I am currently on HIATUS so claims will be processed when I return. There's no need to remind me, I know very well that you're waiting to join but I'm sorry, I don't have much time at the moment. So, please be patient and I'll get them all done when I return. Thank you! - khushiyan.

December 2009 With the new mods angstytimelord, erisnx and antireality, the hiatus is over! We are now taking claims again, but we're still new so things may take a little while. Sorry for the delay, guys!

January 2012 Tags, claims, and posting access will all be granted and I will start cleaning up the community so that it can begin a fresh start! So go ahead and claim :) I'm extremely sorry for the delay guys, and thanks so much if you're still here. - Ruby erisnx
50scenes - fantasy wings

Dropping a Claim


Facing a writer's block? Can't simply make the prompts fit with your claim? Too bad but we're glad you gave it a try. Now here's what you do to drop your claim. You fill out the following and then reply to this post. With the information you give us, we'll be able to take you down from our claims list.

Remember you can always try another challenge!