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[Mod News]

Hey guys, hope you're all well. I have an important announcement to make...

I'm thinking about closing the community.


...I no longer have the energy or the time to keep up with the community, and as many of you know, there's a giant backlog of claims to be processed and then the thousand-and-one memeories to be updated.

I'm not sure about the decision yet, but the following I know for definite:

  • > It's not going to be closed to everyone! Existing members will still be able to post
  • However, additional claims will not be processed
  • Neither will the memories be updated
  • But! There will be no time constraints in terms or the purging/deleting claims

I don't really want to pass the community on to anyone else either, because it would still be in the background and I'd feel guilty for half neglecting it and you guys. This way, I can just let you guys get on with it and if I want to ever bring it back to life, I can.

I hope you guys are okay with this. Also, apologies for the randomness of this entry - I'm not feeling too well and I cannot be arsed at the moment to create an extremely spiffing entry where I try to butter you up as much as possible so you don't completely hate me. :)

Comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.

- khushiyan
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