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50 Scenes

where dreams turn into ideals

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Welcome to the 50scenes, a challenge community that encourages you to write 50 scenes from 50 original prompts. Here you can claim any fandom as your subject whether it's a book, comic, movie, TV serie, videogame, anime or manga. We don't however support real person claims, sorry. Otherwise we're open to all couple orientations whether they are slash, het or threesomes and support all ratings. We also support joint claims, meaning you don't have to write alone, you can always do it together with a friend!

Please join us to make your claim and start posting your scenes!

Getting you started

[1] Read our Rules & Guidelines and FAQ below. They will give you advice in posting, lay out what you can and cannot claim in this community and answer multiple other questions you might have.

[2] Join the community so you'll be able to claim a subject.

[3] Next you'll be choosing the subject of your claim. You'll want to check out if your claim has already been taken by viewing our claim lists. We current have a 5 claim quota which means that only 5 people may claim the same subject (character/pairing/general) from the same fandom at a time.

Claim Lists

Television Fandom Claims List
Book/Movie Fandom Claim Lists
Games Fandom Claim Lists
Anime/Manga Fandom Claim Lists
Original Fandom Claims List
Crossover Fandom Claims List

Now if you're sure you have an opening for your claim please head towards our Prompt Tables and pick one to use in your challenge. We currently have 5 tables to choose from.

Now you can go Claiming a Subject. Read the post thoroughly and then make your claim according to its demands.

[4] The next step for you is to wait for your claim to be accepted.

[5] Once your claim has been accepted, you will then post your prompt table of choice into your journal and provide us with a direct link (also referred to as an URL) into the claiming post, underneath our reply to your claim. While accepting your claim we will also give you posting access to the community.

[6] You can now start posting into the community! Make sure you use the approriate form in our Posting Guidelines in each entry and always use an LJ-Cut. Also remember to always tag your entries!

[7] The last step is concluding your claim. You have do this either by finishing all of your 50 scenes and Completing a Claim or by Dropping a Claim if you no longer wish to write from your subject.


When it comes to rules we're really not that different from most communities. The keyword is respect between members.

[1] Everything you post must be written by you for this challenge. No posting friends' stories, no posting old stories no matter how well they fit the prompts. Be original.

[2] Be nice to one another. Interact with other members, comment their work and give constructive criticism. Criticism however doesn't give you permission to be mean, or flame other people's work. Flaming will be punished by banning. You can Report Abuse to us anonymous for all comments will be screened.

[3] Post only scenes from your approved claims here. Any other posts will be deleted. Also note that posting access will be given to you only after you have an accepted claim. You must be a member for us to approve your claim.

[4] While posting always use the form given to you in our Posting Guidelines. Also follow the other instructions given there.

Posting Guidelines

The Subject Line: Fandom - Prompt - Title
Example: Alias - #016: Canary - At the Level of My Eyes

Fill out the following while posting:

The next step is to use an LJ-cut and copypaste your scene.

Alternatively, you can fill in the form and link to the scene posted in your journal. Below shows how to do this:

Just remember that the security of your entry must allow everyone to view it. Do not disable your comments, because we might need to give you further instructions and you won't gain any feedback if you do.

Last but not least use the custom tag we gave you in your post (example: lilhobbit:btvs:buffy/spike). You can simply post the scene and then Edit Tags. Your own will have been added to the list. Another vital tag will your fandom tag, i.e. *harry potter or *star wars. This will also be added to the tag list once you begin posting your entries.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Why ‘scenes’?
Well, we thought that it is sometimes easier to actually write a short scene than a really long fic. Also, it can help you to write the fics themselves!

But dude, what is a scene?
Ah, now that is the question… frankly, I think it can be a short convo, or just something short and sweet (or bitter if that’s what you like…) to create the feelings/story you want. Our definition is rather loose, so I wouldn't stress about it too much.

"The place, time, circumstance, etc., in which anything
occurs, or in which the action of a story, play, or the
like, is laid; surroundings amid which anything is set
before the imagination; place of occurrence, exhibition,
or action.

Why should I post a scene?
For that warm fuzzy feeling inside? Meh. We don’t know!! Its just a good way to get your creative juices flowing.

Is there a word count?
Not really. Just make sure its over 100 words. Seriously. We don’t want something only three words long short. Otherwise, it can be really long or really really long. Heeh.

What subjects are allowed?
You can either choose to use a fandom in general, a character, a pairing or even a threesome. No more ‘somes’ since it would get a lil too confusing.

If I claim a pairing/threesome must both/all characters always appear in the fic?
It's not vital for the character/pairing to APPEAR in the fic, as long as they're the main focus. For example you write a scene where someone else muses over them.

What fandoms are allowed?
Anything and everything!! This is for you guys, so post what you want!! So, if you want to post scenes from videogames, books, anime, manga, movies, TV series, Comic etc.

Please note that we do not support real person/celebrity claims.

Can I post original scenes?
Sure, but please state clearly it’s an ‘original’ dealio. We support original fandoms (general) as well as original characters (character, pairing, threesome). Also all the characters you claim can be original.

Can I post crossovers?
Yes! Our current limit for crossovers is 3 different fandoms mixed together. But again, you need to state it all clearly!! I.e, FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Charmed/LOST.

Is there anything I can’t post?
Yes there are. The following authors are openly opposed to fanfiction created from their work and we respect their wishes: Mari Adkins, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robin Hobb, George R. R. Martin, Anne Rice. Please do not try and claim a subject from any fandoms that these authors have legal rights to. This is set only because want to protect you and ourselves and continue being here in the future.

For those of you who do not understand why we so strictly forbid fan fiction from these authors the article will most like shed light on the matter and make you understand our position: Where has Anne Rice fan fiction gone?

Also note that we do not support real person claims. There are plenty of other communities who allow celebrity claims.

Do I need a disclaimer?
Each posted scene must have a disclaimer! Something along the lines of “All characters/plots/episodes used are owned by BLAHBLAHBLAH, and I have no intention of saying otherwise. I will not make any profit, and this is for the sole amusement of myself” or something better.

What ratings are allowed?
All ratings are accepted, but please ensure that you state clearly what rating your scene is. For example, this would be appropriate for an NC-17/R rated scene: Warning! NC-17 rated scene. etc.

Also if you're handling an adult theme, incest, rape, child abuse... Please include the proper warnings before the LJ-cut.

Do I have to post them all at once?
No! We don’t want you end up with a massive headache!! Just post them once at a time or something. If you have somehow written a couple at a time, go you!! You can post them together, but no more than three in one post.

Can I use previous works?
Sorry but no. We’d prefer it if you used works created specifically for us.

Can I post my work to other communities?
Sure, it is your work after all and we'd like you to get as much feedback as possible. We'd also appreciate if you said it was our challenge and linked back to us but that's purely optional.

How many claims can I have at the same time?
You can have three claims at the same time maximum.

Damn, someone’s already chosen my thing. Not fair. *pouts*
Its ok! There is a maximum of five people doing each thing, so you’ll be fine… unless five people are already doing it, but then you can just wait…

There's this one prompt I just can't make into a scene. Help me?
You can swap maximum of 5 prompts from your table with any of our 10 additional prompts. You'll find the additional prompts and instructions at the bottom of the Prompt Tables post.

You guys, I did something wrong... I forgot to post my link up and now my comments been deleted. Does this mean I've been kicked out of the comm?
Don't worry about it, and no, you've not been banned or anything. We completely understand that you guys actually have lives and don't hang around 24/7. The reason your comments have been banned is to keep the threads clean and spam-free. It also confuses some members when they see a million other comments and just doesn't look that nice.

What we've done instead is set up a Lost Links, Late Replies thread where everyone who hasn't replied with their link is put into a table. We ask you to follow the posting guidelines and then reply with your table. Please note, that if you haven't replied with the link, we cannot give you posting access. It's just so that we can make it easier not only for your fans, but so that we don't have to go scrounging through your journals looking for the tables. We also understand that sometimes, we're to blame. And by 'we', I mean me, khushiyan *blush*. We I lose links and forget so this is really just a backup.

What are 'purged claims'?
Purged claims and then frozen claims, are our way of recycling any unused claims so that new members can have a chance to try out the claims. As darkclockwork explains, purged claims are "[a]ny claims that have not been touched at all (or have never been used) after 6 months of inactivity will be purged (or removed). This in no way disrupts our rules - they are free to re-apply at any time if they wish."

What about Frozen Claims?
This mainly applies to those of you who have been processed into the community and have posted scenes before but have been inactive for over 6 months. A list of inactive claims has been complied and members will have three months (beginning from the 6th month of inactivity) to 'reactivate' their claim. After this, the claims will be moved to a permanently frozen post in which the members would have to reapply through the proper channels to claim that same subject.

Other users need not be concerned with this rule. But if they feel that this will affect them in some way, we are setting up a clause in which members can tell us that they require an extension.

That didn't help at all...
Well, I apologise for that. For clarification, please refer here.

So when is this going to happen? Now?
Well, not exactly now. Hopefully, in a few weeks from now the system will be up and running. Rules, posts and basic administration need to be supported by all mods and then we shall be a go-go! ^_^ This system is now set up! If you think you're one of the memers concerned, please refer to either Purged Claims or Frozen Claims.

I don’t want to do it anymore… can I leave?
If you must… no, if you want to leave go ahead. Just post in the Dropping a Claim post so we can make clear up our stuff.

I have a community. Would you like to affiliate with us?
Sure, just give us a poke at Become Our Affiliates.

Hey, don’t tell anyone, but someone’s done something they shouldn’t have…
Omg really? What did they do? There’s no need to tell us all out loud. Post in the Report Abuse
page. All posts will be screened, so don’t worry about it.

But man, you’re the one’s who suck!!
What are you talking about? We’re awesome! …if you think that there is a severe problem, feel free to post in the Comments and Suggestions page. We’d love to have feedback. It’s our first community for scenes and such.

You talk some random shite don’t you?
We apologise for that. We’re slightly crazy. Only slightly.

But who the heck are you? You’re not spies or anything??
The current active mods are angstytimelord, antireality, and erisnx.

The inactive mods who helped build this country set up the community are:

khushiyan, who posts fics and then graphics into khwaishein.
kajiba, who posts fics over at yakedo when she feels like it
lilhobbit, who posts graphics and writes some excellent fics. :)
charming_syrai, who has some of the smexiest graphics around at zeskimo.
And last but not least, darkclockwork, who posts her graphics/fics at the delectable causa.

They deserve special mention for helping to make the comm!

How can I contact you though?
Point any questions at Questions and Answers. Please do not post in our journals for answers to your questions. Although we want to help you, there is a limit. If you do post there, we may not be as kind as we are here. You’ve been warned.

ah, I’m scared now!!
Don’t be!! We just want to keep us all happy!!


Television Fandom Claims List
Book/Movie Fandom Claim Lists
Games Fandom Claim Lists
Anime/Manga Fandom Claim Lists
Original Fandom Claims List
Crossover Fandom Claims List

The Prompt Tables
Making a Claim
Dropping a Claim
Completing a Claim
Lost Links, Late Replies
Frozen Claims
Purged Claims

Scene Archives
Questions and Answers
Report Abuse
Comments and Suggestions
Become Our Affiliate


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